Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Music and Hymns Resource Page

The Christmas Kontakia of St. Romanos

The Singing Emperor Who Was Murdered in Church on Christmas Day

A 17th Century Version of "Christ Is Born"

What Shall We Offer Thee, O Lord

A Byzantine Christmas Carol To Christ and the Theotokos

Irmos - "A Star Has Dawned From the Tribe of Judah..."

A Romiosini Christmas Musical Journey

An Athonite Christmas Carol

A Pontian Christmas Carol

Christmas Carols Sung At the Archdiocese of Athens

Orthodoxy and Western Christmas Carols

Let's Rethink Our Holly-Jolly Christmas Songs

The Legend Of '12 Days of Christmas'

Good King Wenceslas

The Original Words To The Song "Good King Wenceslas"

"Christmas Oratorio" by Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev

Hilarion Alfeyev's Christmas Oratorio 24: Rachel's Lament (video)