Thursday, March 31, 2022

Greek Television Series on the Life of Saint Paisios (Episode 7)

 ...continued from episode six.

Episode Seven (with English subtitles)

The Eznepidis family is preparing for Amalia's wedding. The Greek-Italian war, however, comes to disrupt these plans and the lives of all Greeks. Raphael and Haralambos go to war and Arsenios tries to help his family in the very difficult times. What follows is the German occupation and the great difficulties it brings with it.

Following the example of his mother and father, Arsenios tries to help those in need. Liberation is coming but very soon the great plague of Greece begins, the Civil War. Arsenios is called up to join the army. He turns to the Virgin Mary and begs her to help him not to kill anyone. He becomes a specialist as a radio operator and is an example for his fellow-soldiers with his self-denial, great faith and sacrificial love.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Greek Television Series on the Life of Saint Paisios (Episodes 5 and 6)

Episode Five (with English subtitles)

After many wanderings and difficulties, the family of Prodromos Eznepidis arrives in Konitsa, Epirus. There, they find people who welcome them with love and help them to start anew. Little Arsenios stutters his first prayers and grows up in a spiritual environment. With her death, grandmother Hatzi-Christina leaves a rich spiritual legacy to her children and grandchildren. At the same time, a new member is added to the family. Christina's birth leads Raphael home again, so that he does not listen to the mother who gives birth and little Amalia learn about the mystery of life and death. Arsenios grows up and encounters as a refugee child the first difficulties with his peers. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Greek Television Series on the Life of Saint Paisios (Episode 4)

 ...continued from episode three. 

Episode Four (with English subtitles)

Prodromos Eznepidis, father of Saint Paisios, tries to endure without his spiritual father, but he cannot. He is ready to give up when his wife Eulogia shows her strength and the wisdom she carries in her soul. She supports him and helps him not to bend.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Greek Television Series on the Life of Saint Paisios (Episodes 1 - 3)

The life of Saint Paisios the Athonite has become a television series (as reported in September 2020) and has enjoyed high ratings and much acclaim in Greece. It aspires to bring to the screens of our homes the most important moments of the life of the Saint, from the moment he was born until his death. The first season, which is currently airing, concerns the course of the Saint from his family being led out of Farasa by Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia, who baptized Saint Paisios, to growing up in Konitsa, his experiences in the Greek army, his initial monastic venture in Konitsa, until the moment he enters Mount Athos. The second season will begin with his life on Mount Athos and end with his death.