Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Greek Television Series on the Life of Saint Paisios (Episode 4)

 ...continued from episode three. 

Episode Four (with English subtitles)

Prodromos Eznepidis, father of Saint Paisios, tries to endure without his spiritual father, but he cannot. He is ready to give up when his wife Eulogia shows her strength and the wisdom she carries in her soul. She supports him and helps him not to bend.

Nine months after their arrival in Kerkyra, they leave for Plataria of Thesprotia. There, Prodromos faces great difficulties in keeping the villagers together, and so some, feeling frustrated with the government and betrayed, leave to finally find a place to settle. In the summer of the same year, the family of Prodromos Eznepidis, along with 50 other families, finally reach the place where they will take root ... in the land of Epirus, in the land of Konitsa.