Saturday, October 30, 2021

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - "The Ikon of Elijah" (1960)

"The Ikon of Elijah" was originally broadcast on 10 January 1960 as part of the fifth season (ep. 16) of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The episode is based on the 1956 short story contained in the collection The Investigations of Avram Davidson. Davidson is best known for his work in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, but his 200+ published short stories included many mysteries. This volume collects thirteen of his best, most of which appeared in the pages of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine between 1956-86. Two of his crime fiction stories, “The Ikon of Elijah” (in which an antique dealer goes to extreme lengths to obtain a valuable antique) and “Thou Still Unravished Bride” (in which a woman goes missing on her wedding day) were adapted for episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. "The Ikon of Elijah" had also previously been the source of a 1958 episode of the CBC-TV anthology The Unforeseen.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Official Trailer: Saint Chryse (2021)

The film takes place in 1795, in the village of Slatena, near the border of Serbia and Bulgaria, when it was under Ottoman rule. The young Chryse (Zlata), who is a Christian, goes to gather wood, because it is winter. A Muslim in the area, who had been possessed by carnal love for Chryse, kidnaps her. For the next nine months the young girl suffers terrible abuse. She is systematically tortured, mentally and physically, because she refuses to convert to Islam and marry her abductor. She was horribly killed on October 13, 1795, refusing to betray her faith.