Thursday, March 31, 2022

Greek Television Series on the Life of Saint Paisios (Episode 7)

 ...continued from episode six.

Episode Seven (with English subtitles)

The Eznepidis family is preparing for Amalia's wedding. The Greek-Italian war, however, comes to disrupt these plans and the lives of all Greeks. Raphael and Haralambos go to war and Arsenios tries to help his family in the very difficult times. What follows is the German occupation and the great difficulties it brings with it.

Following the example of his mother and father, Arsenios tries to help those in need. Liberation is coming but very soon the great plague of Greece begins, the Civil War. Arsenios is called up to join the army. He turns to the Virgin Mary and begs her to help him not to kill anyone. He becomes a specialist as a radio operator and is an example for his fellow-soldiers with his self-denial, great faith and sacrificial love.