Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alfred Hitchcock on Filmmaking, Suspense, Nightmares and more (video)

"I Deal In Nightmares." - Alfred Hitchcock

The video below is a 20 minute interview from 1966 with Alfred Hitchcock on filmmaking, simplification of identification, visual clarity, actors and improvisation, the Hitchcock-woman, humor of the macabre, being a traditionalist, making television, suspense and more....

"An audience should be given all the facts. For example if you take suspense, suspense can only be achieved by telling the audience as much as you can... We could be blown up this minute and the audience would get five seconds of shock, but if we tell them five minutes ahead of time there is a bomb that's going to go off, that would get five minutes of suspense where we didn't have suspense before because the audience were in ignorance." - Alfred Hitchcock