Friday, May 4, 2018

Amazon Video Debuts Russian Series "Sophia"

Currently streaming on Amazon is the Russian television series "Sophia". Currently the first season of eight episodes is available.

According to the description:

In 15th Century Russia, the last Princess of Byzantium, Sophia Palaiologina, moves from Rome to Moscow to marry Czar Ivan III. Destined to become the first influential female figure of the Russian Empire, Sophia overcomes court intrigue and betrayals and helps Ivan consolidate the fragmented country, push Mongolian invaders out, and build the Kremlin. Russian language series with English subtitles. Starring: Mariya Andreeva, Eugeniy Tsiganov, Vilen Babichev.

The series is free with your Amazon Prime membership. Otherwise it is only $12.99 for the entire season. See here.