Saturday, August 29, 2020

Three New Movie Recommendations (August-September 2020)

With more and more movie theaters opening across the country and some new movies being released, I thought I would recommend three movies that I think would most interest my readers that they may otherwise overlook, which are currently in theaters and will be streaming soon.

1. She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

I saw this a few weeks ago at a Drive-In not knowing what to really expect, but the more I have thought about this film the more I really like it and even understand it. I feel like I need to see this movie a second time though. I highly recommend the following review from, though I generally try to push people away from reading reviews of movies before they see a film. The only reason I recommend this review is because it will prevent you less from wanting to see it a second time, since it will help you to anticipate things instead of trying to grasp them after, like when I watched it. Ideally, however, watch the movie without the review, then read the review after. It is an interesting film that will get you contemplating about death. Certainly its the best film of the pandemic, and you can even say it is the most applicable film of the pandemic. It is currently for rent On Demand, but if you can watch this in a theater then I recommend it that way.

2. Tesla (2020)

I haven't seen this movie yet, but noticed it is playing at a few local theaters, so I will probably check it out within a few days. It is another movie about Nikola Tesla, with an interesting cast. It seems like it has mixed reviews, but I am very much looking forward to it. Here are some posts I have made on Nikola Tesla in the past.

3. Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin (2019)

This one caught me by surprise. I didn't know a documentary on Bruce Chatwin had been made last year, but is just now being released. Fortunately for me, the same theater playing Tesla is playing this documentary, so I will be checking out both hopefully on the same day. For those who don't know who Bruce Chatwin is, here is something I posted a few years back: Bruce Chatwin and His Discovery of Orthodoxy. Basically, Bruce was a writer, traveler and explorer, and this is what this documentary seems to be about, though I am not sure yet if they will cover his final journey, which is when he converted to become an Orthodox Christian.