Monday, September 21, 2020

Mickey Rourke Prays at the Church of Saint Nektarios in Kamariza

Upon the completion of filming for his role in the upcoming film "Man of God", which is about the life of Saint Nektarios, in which he plays the role of a paralyzed man healed by Saint Nektarios, Mickey Rourke together with the film's director Yelena Popovic paid a special visit to a popular shrine dedicated to Saint Nektarios.

While still in Greece the actor wanted to visit the Church of Saint Nektarios in Kamariza of Attica, where the late Elder Nektarios Vitalis (+ 2018), who was miraculously visited and healed by Saint Nektarios, had been the parish priest.

During his visit the actor was visibly moved and prayed as he entered the church with tears in his eyes. He stood alone by himself for a some time, holding in his hand a prayer rope.