Thursday, May 27, 2021

Greek Television Journalist Testifies To Her Miraculous Healing By Saint John the Russian

According to her Instagram account, Anthi Voulgari is a Greek Journalist, Television Host, Radio Producer and a Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger. In September 2017 she underwent brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. The journalist did not lose her courage and optimism for a moment and the surgery was a success. Then on May 27th 2018 she wrote the following message on Instagram that shocked her fans in Greece and the Greek media in general. She wrote:

"Today my patron saint celebrates, Saint John the Russian. I know many of you don't believe in miracles, but I lived it and feel compelled to say it. On the 28th of September I had brain surgery, and he was there with me ... I saw him in the operating room. He nodded to me indicating that all had gone well. He smiled and I awoke from sedation so calm that even the doctors were amazed. I am not the best person, but after this I am trying to be better. I have imprinted a small cross on my hand to not forget, and when I do forgot to remember to not lose my faith ... to smile and to fell blessed for all that I have."

However, this was not the first time she revealed the details about this miracle. On a Greek television program on October of 2017 she said the following as she recalled her surgery:

"I knew that everything had gone well before I woke up (from the operating room)… Well, I will say it now. Believe it or not, this happened to me. When I was in the operating room and I was asleep - I say it and I shudder - I saw a figure, I saw a young man, he was smiling. I did not know who he was. His face was shining, and I just understood that it was Saint John the Russian. I had never (in the past) invoked his name, never, never… And I knew everything was fine… After two days, I go out in the corridor of the hospital and my mom was holding me, because I was trying to walk and I turn my head and see an icon, and I said to her: 'Mom, who is the Saint there?' And she said to me: 'It is Saint John the Russian.' I will also go to the monastery, I have determined it. I saw it… I lived the miracle."

Since then she annually posts about her miraculous healing on Instagram, and as recently as March 2021 spoke about it in an interview (video can be see here), in which among other things she says:

"When it came time to do the surgery, the doctor had told me to go to the intensive care unit. It was an 8 hour surgery. When I went in and out I realized that it was all over, and I saw a very handsome figure, I have not seen a more handsome man, blonde, very bright, and I realized that it is Saint John the Russian, without ever going to his monastery. When I left the operating room I did not enter the intensive care unit, and when I left I saw the icon of Saint John the Russian. He has been my protector ever since."

Anthi further revealed that since then she often visits the Church of Saint John the Russian in Nea Prokopi.