Thursday, September 30, 2021

When Will the Film "Man of God" Receive a Wide Release?

I've received over a dozen messages in the past week asking me when the film "Man of God" will be released. Though I appreciate the enthusiasm, I'm not involved with the film at all, and look forward to its release as much as everyone else. However, I decided to write this short update to at least inform people where things are at in the moment. I also want people to know that when I hear more information regarding the release in America, I will let everyone know.

Currently "Man of God" is playing in theaters throughout Greece and Cyprus. It has been out for five weeks and has been dominating at #1 at the box office every week, beating out even Hollywood summer blockbusters. According to on September 29th:

"Man Of God opened in Greece through Feelgood Entertainment on August 26 and has amassed approximately $2.1m (€1.8m), beating off the likes of Disney’s Shang-Chi and Warner Bros’ Cry Macho to retain its top spot."

Because it has done so well in Greece and Cyprus, Los Angeles-based Pinnacle Peak Pictures is selling other international rights:

"VP of international sales Ron Gell has licensed rights to Heritage for Australia and New Zealand, Saje for France, California Filmes for pan Latin America, Dutch Channels for Netherlands, and MCF for former Yugoslavia."

According to the "Man of God" Facebook page, it is "coming to cinemas in Russia and Serbia on October 14th. Release dates for US, Canada, France, Italy, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand to be announced soon. More territories to come."

Currently, from September 28-October 3, "Man of God" is playing in Italy for the Terra di Siena International Film Festival - Official Selection.

There is talk of it entering another film festival in late October in Georgia of the United States, which would make it available On Demand for a few days, but this is not confirmed yet.

This is all I have for now, but be assured it will likely be in a theater or some other service near you very soon.