Friday, March 10, 2023

Movie Trailer: "Diakos - The Hero Martyr" (2023) Highlights the Life and Martyrdom of the Greek Revolutionary Athanasios Diakos

The film group of the Metropolis of Kitros, Katerini and Platamon have produced a film that is currently screening in Greece called Diakos - The Hero Martyr.

The film highlights the timeless message of the self-sacrifice of Athanasios Diakos and is a tribute to the leading Freedom Fighter of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The filming of the film lasted for five months and the filming took place both in Pieria and in neighboring prefectures.

The film, lasting about 2 hours, deals with the eventful life and the martyrdom of Athanasios Diakos, the First Martyr of the National Rebellion of 1821.

The script is based on the true story of Athanasios Diakos (1788-1821) and covers the entire spectrum of his life, from his water Baptism in the Church's font to his Baptism in the blood of martyrdom.

The production of the film belongs to the Spiritual Center of Saint Photios of the Holy Metropolis of Kitros, Katerini and Platamon, under the guidance of Archimandrite Father Pavlos Douros, who wrote the script and directed it together with his team.

The music was written by Vaggelis Fambas (on themes of an anonymous Monk), while the costumes were edited by Eleni Michailidou.

Directors of photography were Nektarios Souldatos and Theocharis Anastasiadis, Antonis Kouvaris was in charge of sound and lighting, Spyros Kokkas was in charge of editing, Dinos Vamvakousis was in charge of the image and Kalliopi Vafiiadou was the production assistant.

300 amateur actors, members of the Saint Photios Spiritual Center, performed.

The film started its triumphant run in Katerini a few weeks ago, where it was repeatedly screened in packed cinemas.

In this context, Metropolitan George of Kitros addressed an open invitation to the public to watch the film "which is connected to the high values and ideals advocated by Athanasios Diakos, such as the faith and patriotism that support our Church and our Homeland," as he emphasized.

It is worth noting that for the Church, patriotism or heroic acts are not criteria for canonization. That is why in 2003 a proposal for canonizing Athanasios Diakos was rejected, though he is honored as an Ethnomartyr (Martyr of the Nation).